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Evokateur – Wolf Girl (Awal) Remixes Release Date: Part 1 April/ part 2 May

Evokateur‘s first proper single demonstrates the band’s dancefloor song-writing dexterity and pop sensibility.

The original version was mixed down by Dom Morely (Amy Winehouse) and according to New Reviews : “‘Wolf Girl is a synth-hit. Evokateur have had this single remixed by some of the hottest synth-masters in the business; Ade Fenton, Ben Osborne and the absolute king of this genre, Gary Numan. What more could they do? Nothing really, they are spot on..”

The remixes are being dropped in stages. The radio mix of the original tune is out this month with a Ben Osborne version.

And the full remix package will be released in May.

wolf Grl BenOsborne midnightbeats remix by BenOsborne

Wlf grls at Ben’s House Mix by BenOsborne

Wolf Girl – Evokateur (Gary Numan + Ade Fenton Remix) by weareevokateur

Wolf Girl – Evokateur by weareevokateur

Evokateur – Wolf Girl (Idiotech remix – Radio edit) by weareevokateur

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One from the vaults
An LHDT remix – Recollection of a Glamorous Party Remix of the track of a similar name by Chris Coco (Exceptional)
This Ben Osborne remix is from around 2005. A lot of Berlin techno/ house sounded like Glam at the time, which might have had an influence.

Chris Coco – LHDT’s Glamorous Recollection remix (Exceptional) by BenOsborne